Services and Pricing

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Looking down on 2 beagles walking in the shade

30 Minute Walk 1-2 Dogs

30 min walk/play for up to 2 dogs.


Black lab walking along canal with 2 beagles

Walking – Additional Dogs (ea)

Each additional dog walked over 2 qty


Pet Visit

2-hour visit with your pet(s). Includes one 30-minute walk plus watering, feeding, medications as needed. Affection unlimited. Allows you time to run errands, grab dinner, or steal some alone time but doesn’t require an all-day or night commitment. $10 each additional hour.


Pigeons in Cesar Chavez Park, Phoenix, AZ: blue sky, green grass, trees, road, houses, South Mountain in background


Yard clean-up and disposal of dog waste - under .25 acre. Please provide proper bags and disposal receptacle. (Not a stand-alone service. During appointment only.)



Bottle of capsules, lid, 2 measuring spoons, 2 pill-pocket treats rolled into balls


Dispensing of oral and/or topical medications. (Not a stand-alone service. During appointment only.)


Black labrador/pit bull mix peeking through open rear passenger window of car

Rescue/Rehome Transport

Free to all non-profits. Donations welcome. Call ahead for out-of-town transport.


Black, key safe lockbox with combination dial

Lock Box

Key-safe residential lock box with customizable 4-digit combination


*Please discuss any special needs or health issues your dog may have. Canine Migration does not provide veterinary services beyond basic first-aid and/or oral and topical medications, but will seek emergency veterinary care if an event should occur. Information necessary to your pet’s care should be provided prior to each walk.

**Dogs are transported in this vehicle. The back seat is equipped with safety restraint harness buckles. Dogs are never up front with the driver.