Services and Pricing

Black lab walking along canal with 2 beagles

30 Minute Walk 1 to 2 Dogs – $20

Dogs need regular exercise, but not all dogs need day hikes or marathons. The average dog needs 1 hour per day to maintain good health, be it yard zoomies, ball chasing, or mental work. I’ll do 30 minutes, so you can enjoy the other.
Each additional dogs – $5

2 beagles walking in the shade

Short-term Pet Sitting – $40

2-hour visit in client’s home. Includes a 30-minute walk plus watering, play, feeding, and medications if needed. Affection unlimited.

A short-term visit lets you run errands, grab dinner, or steal some alone time without the price of an all-day or all-night commitment.

$10 each additional hour (please scheduled in advance)

Bottle of capsules, lid, 2 measuring spoons, 2 pill-pocket treats rolled into balls

Medications* – $5

Oral and/or topical medications. (Not a stand-alone service. During appointment only.)

Black lab and beagle panting in the back seat of a car

Pet Transport – $15/hour + $.58/mile

Perfect for busy pet owners, who can use an extra hour in the day. I will do the pick ups and drop offs, including waiting during the appointment.

Black, key safe lockbox with combination dial

Lock Box – $15

Key-safe residential lock box.
Customizable 4-digit combination.

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*Please discuss any special needs or health issues your dog may have. Canine Migration does not provide veterinary services beyond basic first-aid and/or oral and topical medications, and will seek emergency veterinary care if any event should occur during your pet’s walk. Information necessary to your pet’s care should be provided prior to each walk.

**Dogs are transported by car. The back seat is equipped with safety-restraint, harness/belt clips. Dogs are never up front with the driver. Insurance is always current.