Dos and Donts

dog looking out front doorWhat I do

Truly enjoy helping dogs and their owners.

Reward wanted pet behavior.

Give dogs 100% attention on walks/visits.
Offer discounts.

Bring walk supplies.

Take photos for social media and advertising.

Use grain-free treats.

What I don’t do

Put quantity over quality.*

Walk dogs on overheated pavement without protective footwear (5 second rule) .

Leave dogs unattended.

Run dogs off-leash.

Go to dog parks

Punish dogs for being dogs.

Let others walk your dog.

Share client information.

Allow unauthorized use of content from this or any other publication belonging to Canine Migration.**

*Accidents can occur without warning at any time. Any pet that seems injured will be taken to the nearest veterinary hospital or owner-specified veterinary office, and the owner will be contacted immediately

**Canine Migration operates under the Trade Name Canine Migration and is a registered Arizona Corporation Commission Entity Search in the state of Arizona and is a registered ICANN domain.

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