30-minute walks?

The average dog needs about an hour a day of total exercise to maintain good health, and exercise is not limited to just walking. A dog can get exercise zooming around the yard, up and down the stairs, chasing a favorite toy, and even training. Mental stimulation counts. If your dogs needs a serious workout, I can recommend some good places to call.

Can you do longer walks or quick visits?

I can do longer walks with advanced notice to avoid overlapping other appointments. Cost is still $20 for 30 minutes. A shorter walk or visit will still be the same price, so it’s more cost-effective to schedule a 30-minute appointment.

Do you do walks on-demand?

If they are within a few miles of my current location, and there is an opening in the schedule, I am willing to try. Please call to check for availability.

Are gratuities included in the price?

No, but they are sincerely appreciated. I purposely price services low to make them more accessible, but I can’t avoid the costs of doing business.

Can we schedule online?

Each walk has its own challenges. Scheduling for buffer time between walks allows for the unexpected.

I cover approximately Osborn to Pecos, and 51st to Priest. This is a huge area. I don’t want anyone to wait. Therefore I ask you to please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Do you offer videos, photos, & bathroom alerts during walks?

A distracted walker has a higher potential for accidents and your pet gets a lower quality walk. My job is to protect you and your pet, so safety first.

If you need confirmation texts, I can send them after we’ve arrived back at your home and the dogs are secure; it’s a good way to give dogs five minutes of cool-down and reduce anxiety from my leaving. (I can send arrival confirmations too.)

Do you do boarding or overnight pet-sitting?

As much as I’d love to, I cannot. I have my own dogs, and I cannot take them with me to someone else’s house!

Will you transport a rescue to another state?

Gladly. I LOVE road trips. Please give a minimum of 7 days notice for out-of-state trips to make other arrangements for previously scheduled walks.

Do you train dogs?

I can work with dogs on basic skills, but I am not a certified dog trainer.

Can I cancel my walk?

Of course. However, if you cancel less than 24-hours in advance, I must charge a $10 cancellation fee.