Dos and Donts

What I do

Truly enjoy helping dogs and their owners.
Reward wanted pet behaviors.
Give dogs 100% attention on walks/visits.
Offer discounts.
Text arrival, departure, end of walk report if requested
(some people love it, some hate it).
Have lock boxes for purchase.
Bring bags, water, cooling towel, bowl, umbrella.
Take photos of your adorable pets for social media and advertising.
Have an AKC Certified Good Citizen dog who loves to help socialize.
Use grain-free treats.
Maintain a sense of humor.

Hank’s Good Citizen Diploma

What I don’t

Put quantity over quality.
Walk dogs on overheated pavement (5 second rule) .
Leave dogs unattended.
Run dogs off-leash.
Go to dog parks (unless specifically requested by owner).
Walk distracted.
Punish dogs for being dogs.
Let others walk your dog.
Let strangers approach your dog.
Use retractable leashes.
Recommend prong collars.
Give out client information.
Sell client information to third parties.
Allow unauthorized use of content from this or any other publication belonging to Canine Migration.