Oprah Winfrey shouting Discounts

Pet care shouldn’t be overpriced, and it should be accessible to as many dog owners as possible in order to benefit as many dogs as possible. Below is a list of price breaks I currently offer.

  • Bulk Walks – Commit to 2 or more walks per week for at least 30 days; get 10% off all scheduled walks.
  • Referrals – Get a free walk for every referral who purchases one 30-min walk.
  • Helping Hands – 15% off all services for persons or dogs with disabilities
  • 55+ – Get 20% off all services for seniors
  • At Your Service – 10% of all services for veterans and K-12 public school teachers
  • Early Birds – 10% off any walk booked before 10 am June 1st through Sept 1st
  • Free for Fosters – 1 free walk for anyone fostering animals from any Maricopa County Animal Shelter or Arizona Humane Society location.

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