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My name is Leah Wolfe.

I’m a University of Iowa graduate, and a current Graphic Design/Web Development student at SMCC. Iowa native, Phoenix resident.

I will walk any dog who wants to walk. My dog walking style is moderately paced, which allows me to stay alert and work patiently with your pet to reduce their chance of self-injury as well as maintain a good-quality walk.

I genuinely love spending time with dogs. I’ve always had a rescue (or two) under foot, and learned the best life lessons from them. I shared their joys, made them well, and let them go; yet I still have love for every new dog I meet.

My mission

is to provide Phoenix dogs and their owners a more personal level of pet care.

Sometimes your dog just needs a walk; but sometimes your dog needs a babysitter, a walk coach, a backyard romp, a ride to the vet. Fur kids are just as demanding as human ones, and pet parents may need an alternative that’s shorter than all day/night boarding or longer than a 20-minute walk.

Dogs are not perfect; they come with quirks, and they respond poorly to stress. That stress can manifest itself as bad behavior, which strains the relationship we have with them. Dogs can also experience stress during recovery from illness, moving to a new home, or small changes in their humans’ work schedules. Most dogs don’t need Herculean cross-fit or marathon runs to be balanced, but they do need routine, regular care and attention. My goal is to help fill the gaps left by today’s modern life.

Bigger dog walking companies can dispatch a team of dog walkers on a whim, so keep them on speed dial; but when you need that little extra, I’m here to help.

Hire someone you can trust.
Canine Migration (319) 899-7776
Meet and greets are free!

 All breeds are welcome

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